Our Mission, and more

Welcome to climbing. Welcome to Adrenaline Climbing!

Family owned and operated, Nathan, Darleyne, and the rest of the crew, hope you will feel at home here from Day One. That's the center of our Mission to share our love of climbing. We are committed to providing an excellent experience at a great price, a warm and friendly welcome to all, and a safe climbing environment. We hope the quality and amount of climbing here will "Wow!" you every time. Come on in and climb with us!

We're perfect for newcomers to the sport.

Adults and children alike can experience the challenge, fun, and safety of indoor rock climbing. Simply walk-in and climb independently after a 15-minute belay orientation. Or, if you prefer, may we recommend you rely on our professional coaches to belay and guide you? During ClimbTime our coaches will encourage and assist you, as well as handle the ropes.

Route Setting

At Adrenaline Climbing we maintain a rigorous route management plan. Boulder problems are removed and replaced with fresh, clean holds every two months. We craft boulder problems from VB(eginner) to V9. Also, we place a wide variety of extra holds on bouldering areas so that climbers can design their own problems. We set routes ranging from the 5.6 to the 5.13 level. Almost all routes between 5.8 and 5.11 offer the option of both toprope and lead climbing. Our route management system requires that routes and boulder problems are replaced every 6 to 12 weeks (depending on the level of difficulty; feel free to ask for more information on the route management program).


We are committed to keeping Adrenaline Climbing equipped with everything a climber could ask for. We've recently added a killer TreadWall! Intensify your finger strength on our hangboard station and campus board. Nicros "Pump Rocks" are hanging from our pull-up bar; and you should ask to use the inversion boots for a killer ab workout. We also set training circuits designed to dramatically improve technique, endurance, and route reading skills.

If you have a special group or training goal, please let us know. We are excited about working together to design exactly the right program for you or your group. We're always listening!

Adrenaline Climbing: The Numbers

  • 12,500 sq. feet of Climbing Surface
  • 25 ft. high Climbing Walls
  • 4 Auto Belay Stations
  • 80 Climbing Routes
  • 150 Boulder Problems
  • 2500 sf. surface, 15-18 ft. high, Top-out Boulder Island
  • 30 Top Rope Stations
  • 6000 sq. foot Amphitheater Cave, set for bouldering and lead climbing
  • 1000 sf. Mezzanine Level
  • 2 Private Party Lounges
  • 22 ft. long, 12 ft. high Slide
  • 2 Rappel Stations
  • 11 ft. high TreadWall for 1 million minutes of continuous climbing
  • 17 ft. high Campus Board
  • 5 Sick Hangboards
  • 1 Pull-up Bar with hanging "Pump Rocks" and Inversion Boots
  • Atop the boulder: 2 ghetto sofas and 1 Pirate's wheel
  • 1 Ball Python, named Liana
  • On any given day, countless members' dogs and rascal the cat!

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