Group Climbing Events & Field Trips

The following prices are deeply discounted EXCLUSIVELY for groups of ten (10) or more climbers, during our regular business hours.
Field Trips are recommended for climbers ages 6 and older.
Holiday and Summer Field Trips will be scheduled Mondays through Fridays at 11a.m., 12:30p.m., and 2p.m.
Group Events include 1 & 1/2 hours of climbing, and
FREE 1/2 hour rental of the mezzanine for snack or lunch.

CLICK HERE to review our Event Reservation Policies before making your reservation.

Self-Service Group Event

It will take just a few minutes to train your teachers, counselors and parents how to safely support your climbers using our fixed belay stations. Do your own belaying, and SAVE BIG! Includes fixed-system belay instruction, one and a half hours of climbing, bouldering, sliding, climbing the TreadWall, and safety harnesses. We recommend you bring one adult for every 5-6 children.

$9 per Climber + $5 per adult Belayer ($100 Minimum)

Full-Service Group Event

Let our wonderful staff of coaches guide you and handle the ropes for you. Includes one and a half hours of guided climbing, bouldering, sliding, climbing the TreadWall, and safety harnesses. See what a difference coaching can make in just one visit! Full-Service events are staffed at a 1:5 ratio of Coaches:Climbers.

$15 Per Climber ($150 Minimum)

All Night Lock-In's

Climb 'til you drop! 12 hours of nocturnal access, unlimited climbing, and safety instruction. We teach your adult supervisors and teens how to belay one another (maintain safety on ropes), and provide a lifeguard throughout the night. We recommend a ratio of 1:5 for Belayers:Climbers.

$25 Per Climber ($625 Minimum)


All prices and times subject to change without notice. All prices include sales tax, where applicable.