Homeschool Groups

Looking for Physical Education to engage your mind, body, and spirit?

Field Trips are recommended for climbers ages 6 and older.

Recreational Climbing Field Trip

You will have 2 hours of private access for unlimited climbing, bouldering, sliding, and climbing the TreadWall. Allow our Guides to coach your kids and keep them safe on belay. Harnesses are included. Climbing shoes are optional ($4 rental).

$10 Per Climber ($200 Minimum)

Rock Climbing 101

Adrenaline Climbing Coaches will teach your students, age 13 and older, to belay one another using our fixed-belay system. After we cover safety, we teach climbing techniques involving body tension, balance, upper body strength, core control, coordination, footwork, and body dynamics. We will also discuss the physics behind the belay system, specifically Friction, Force, and Gravity. The lessons will be integrated with practice, for a 2 hour session. Safety harnesses and climbing shoes are included. One Coach will be provided for every five climbers.

$19 Per Climber ($380 Minimum)

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