Lock-In FAQs

When do you do Lock-ins, and how do I know if a date is available?

We schedule Lock-ins on Saturdays from 8:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. Check our online EVENT CALENDAR for availability.

How much do Lock-ins cost?

The cost per participant is $25 for 12 hours of private access, belay orientation for adult supervisors and teens, and safety harnesses.

Recreational Lock-ins cost a minimum of $625.

The cost for Scout Troops that request Climbing Merit Badge instruction is $32 per participant. When we provide merit badge instruction, our Climbing Counselors work into the wee small hours of the morning, regardless of how many of the scouts participate in the training. Heck, the fee is the same for all. So, we recommend that everyone take advantage of the training.

Merit Badge Lock-ins cost a minimum of $640.

Adult Participants who take the Scout belay class (knot tying, buddy-checking, gear inspection, climbing commands, and belay technique) but do not participate in any other climbing activities pay just $15 for the lesson.

Adult Supervisors who do not participate in the belay class or any activities do NOT pay any access fee. We welcome their assistance throughout the night!

What type of instruction is included?

Recreational Lock-Ins include a belay orientation on our fixed "gri-gri" belay stations. Scout Lock-Ins include instruction toward BSA merit badges, Girl Scout Patches, and Venturing Awards, if desired.

Great! We want to earn the BSA Climbing Merit Badge. How do we prepare?

If your scouts have studied the BSA Climbing Merit Badge Pamphlet, and completed the BSA Climbing Workbook, we can usually complete all of the requirements in one night. Here is a link to the BSA Climbing Merit Badge Requirements.

CLICK HERE for a pdf version of the BSA Climbing Merit Badge Workbook. Please, spend time as a Troop, or in Patrols, learning the material from the BSA Climbing Merit Badge Pamphlet. Use this Workbook in advance of your Lock-in to complete the answers to the following:

  • #1: First Aid as related to Climbing Activities
  • #2: Leave No Trace Principles and Outdoor Code
  • #4: Classify the difficulty of climbs. Describe the types of climbing. Evaluate the safety of climbing locations.
  • #6: Rope: Complete a, b, & d.
  • #7: Knots: Explain the uses of the various climbing knots.

Remember to bring your Workbooks to the Lock-In for scoring and sign-off!

We would like something different than what you describe here. Is that possible?

Absolutely, yes! Groups with a specific goal or request for the night should speak to an Adrenaline Climbing manager upon reserving the lock in date. Instruction may also include leadership and teamwork training, may address fear, trust, responsibility, getting out of your comfort-zone, and much more.

Is there a requirement for adult supervision?

Groups with climbers 10 years old or younger will need to have at least one parent per 5-6 climbers to help belay throughout the night. Adrenaline Climbing will provide 1 coach for every 5-6 climbers for the first hour of all Lock-Ins. One "lifeguard" will supervise throughout the entire night.

Is a deposit needed to secure a date?

See RESERVATION POLICIES for further deposit and cancellation details.

What equipment is needed?

None. We provide safety harnesses. Climbers should wear loose, comfortable clothing, tight-fitting, flexible shoes, and bring their own sleeping bags, pillows, cracker barrel, etc.

Is there an age limit?


What's the maximum number of people allowed to attend?


What else do I need to know?

Climbers under the age of 18 MUST have their liability waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian. Minors must either be accompanied by the parent who submitted the Waiver, or they may present a copy of the parent's I.D.