Private Events

We do Mad Private Parties & Special Events After-Hours !

Reserve Adrenaline Climbing for your:

  • Birthday
  • B'Nai Mitzvah
  • Sweet 16
  • Youth Group
  • After-Prom
  • Scout Ceremony
  • Team End-Of-Season
  • Graduation
  • Any Other Celebration or Event!

Four-hour Special Event

Includes one event host, one event assistant, 2 hour access for setup, and cleanup. Event planning assistance is FREE. Facility maximum capacity is 160 guests. Climbing guests will be served by one coach for every five climbers.

$25 per climbing guest; $10 per non-climbing guest. ($1000 minimum)

All Night Lock-Ins

Climb 'til you drop! 12 hours of nocturnal access, unlimited climbing, and safety instruction. We teach your adult supervisors and teens how to belay one another (maintain safety on ropes), and provide lifeguards throughout the night. We recommend a ratio of 1:5 for Belayers:Climbers.

$25 Per Climber ($625 Minimum)

Youth Ascenders @ Adrenaline Climbing

Our youth ascenders program was designed to provide adventure-based team-building experiences based around the sport of rock climbing. We have experience working with all types of groups, from church youth groups, project teams, to at-risk youth.

The youth ascenders program is many things. No two events are ever exactly alike because every event is tailored to meet the needs of that particular group. Our main focus is always on the individual participants and the dynamics of how a group works together. Activities include elements of teamwork, trust, personal empowerment, communication, and problem solving to create an exciting and interactive atmosphere that fosters a healthy dynamic for your team, as well as practical ideas that participants can apply to life situations outside of the gym.


Extreme Events are Adrenaline Climbing are always memorable. And, Assistance with Event Planning is FREE.

Just call 770-271-1390 and ask for Nathan, or Send him an email.