Owner, Head Setter, Coach

You may never meet more of a climbing enthusiast or more of a well-rounded climber than Nathan. He's been climbing since childhood and has set routes all over the Southeast. When he moved to Atlanta from Chattanooga to pursue setting as a full-time career, he had no way of knowing that his heart would settle right here at Adrenaline. Nathan leads our community in the purest sense. He works tirelessly to provide us with exquisite routes, awesome parties and comps, and excellent training programs. Hang around him for a minute, and his generosity, support, and encouragement can't help but rub off on you.


Head Coach of the A-Team, Head Gym Happy Person

Darleyne has a passion for climbing only surpassed by her passion for gummy bears. Not only does she bring a great female influence to all the young ladies on the team, she also climbs pretty hard. Nathan likes to say it's because she had a good teacher, but we think his significant other is well on her way to climbing circles around him. Darleyne's infectious good moods and Nutella addiction can be seen on display most weekdays at Adrenaline Climbing. She can also be found with Nathan, tromping to some new boulders almost every weekend.